We craft holistic wellbeing programmes, offered online or in wild nature.

We combine thousands of years of Vedic wisdom with a modern understanding of health and nutrition to bring you powerful, transformative change.

Yoga For Your Nature

Personalised Ayurvedic Wellbeing

ReWilding Retreats

Upcoming Events

Natural Flow ~ Yoga Retreat

29th-31st July 2022

Come with us on a journey of joy, creativity, rest and courage. Music weaves through the days, supporting your yoga practice, guiding you into meditation and inspiring uplifting celebration.

& Beyond – ReWild Gathering

25-29th August 2022

 A journey into the heart of nature, into our own playful heart  and into the awesome space occupied by our collective imaginations! The workshops range from deep Kundalini practices to Forest Bathing and Fire Walking.

How can we move beyond a one-size-fits-all yoga culture?

What would a holistic practice of yoga –  crafted around your orientations and interests – look like?

The Sadhama method recognises that everyone enters into yoga with their own qualifying circumstances.

What are yours?  

Our Retreats

Bespoke events held throughout the summer, on the banks of the Thames river, surrounded by lush forest and ancient oaks.

“I had an amazing life changing experience with people that I felt safe to be myself with. Really well organised with so many wonderful things to do.The food was out of this world … The yoga, meditation, breathwork and talks were first class. Also some fantastic treatments and some beautiful music and singing from top notch musicians. Book me up for next year please…!”

Ian P.
Natural Flow

29th – 31st July 2022


25th – 29th August 2022

Sweat and Serenity

26th – 29th May 2023

Trees of Life


Our Online Programmes

A fully personalised experience with all the profound depth of an in-person retreat, but from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. The programmes reflect a developing approach towards the three main causes of dis-ease: physical, psychological and energetic.

We have learned that the uniform application of yogic practices – standardised for the mass market – is not serving people.

Not everyone fits the mould. 

That’s why we have developed personalised programmes in yoga, nutrition, and ayurveda – designed to fit your unique constitution, lifestyle, and needs. 

Have you ever struggled to stick to a healthy eating plan even though it appears to work wonders for everyone else?

Have you ever tried a yoga class that your friend loves, only to find it doesn’t feel quite right for you? Or perhaps tried to meditate but can’t seem to settle into the technique?

We can help you find out why. 

Sadhama is a way to your deepest sense of serenity and self that takes into account the individual differences we all have. Using our programs you can find a practice that fits you like it’s always been part of you, perfect for your own unique personality and current state, with profound and long-lasting results.


Using diet, herbs, asana practice, bodywork, and other cleansing therapies, your physical body is brought into balance.


Yoga, meditation, mantra and ayurvedic psychology are added to your toolkit to bring peace, equanimity and positivity to your mind.


Discover how to work with your karma for spiritual whole health, and how to build and develop your own practice for long-lasting results.


All three modules in one package for a premium learning experience.

“You can build the strongest foundation when you engage progressively, starting at the physical level, working through mental blocks and then finishing with clearing karmic or energetic patterns.”

We offer you a route to a more peaceful, less reactive life. Sadhama is founded on the principles of balance, and seeks to cultivate compassionate relationships with ourselves and others. 

Discover empowering methodology and a structured sequence of learning, delivered with a caring support and guidance.

“Just wanted to say that my life has changed since I began working with you guys. Wanted to digest it all as I’m still welcoming a lot of new things in because of the practises.

Been really vibing high this last week and wanted to say your teachings are still helping me every day. Fortunate to have you as a teacher.”

Zoe K.

We would love to hear from you!


Hardwick Estate, Oxfordshire, UK

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