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Authentic yoga practice has to be customised. We are all unique.

We need to balance ourselves, but this doesn’t happen in one moment, it’s a whole science.

We’ve developed holistic courses tailored to your nature with progressive yoga sequences, supported by a personalised nutrition plan. 

Over time and with experience, each practitioner comes to this intuitively. He or she understands what kind of practice they require at a certain moment and, depending on the goals, selects methods that are suitable for their nature and tasks. This is how the knowledge of yoga has passed on for millennia. A teacher individually gave different techniques to a student, depending on the qualities of each individual. The modern pursuit of scaling up self-development systems and one size fits all yoga culture goes against these principles.

“ I reveal the law in its multifariousness with regard to the inclinations and dispositions of creatures. I use different means to rouse each according to his own character. Such is the might of my knowledge. 

Gautama Buddha 

Our method has been tested for over millennia. 
We draw on yogic techniques of detoxification,  pranayama breathwork and meditation. We also employ movement (asanas) from Hatha and Kundalini yoga.
In addition to Ayurvedic wisdom, we draw on the teachings of Buddha, as well as Aryan and Slavic knowledge.  
Our diet recommendations and meal plans are based on the latest scientific understanding of holistic nutrition, seen through the lens of Ayurvedic personalisation, and rooted in the fundamental principle of ahimsa – non-violence towards all living beings.


1. Choose a program to focus on your physical, mental or energetic well being.

2. Complete our specially designed online assessment.

3. Receive your bespoke, individually crafted program.

4. Take your steps on the path to a healthier, happier and wholly fulfilled you!

Our Mentoring Courses

Whole Self

All three modules in one package for a premium learning experience.

In this three-module programme, we emphasise not just freedom from disease but also aim to provide a roadmap to developing higher potentials in life. In each of the modules of this programme, we have used three different approaches to reflect the three main causes of disease: physical, psychological, and energetic.


● In-depth online dosha imbalance assessment.

● A detailed explanation of your current personal dosha imbalance

● Understanding your underlying predominant constitution type

● Applying sattvic healing to your dosha imbalance and constitution

● Habits, tendencies and lifestyle choices that have a balancing and unbalancing effect on your mind-body type

● Ideal daily rhythm for a harmonious flow to your days

● In-depth advice on the best diet and food choices relating to your dosha

● Recipes for dressings and condiments suited to balancing your dosha

● Daily meal plan with recipes best suited to your dosha imbalance and constitution type

● Progressive tailored yoga practises designed for 90-day practice to work around your daily routine. Includes video tutorials.

● Progressive pranayama practises balancing your dosha. Includes video tutorials.

● In-depth video lecture on the energetic body locks and their application for the steadfast advancement of yoga practice.

● A personalised meditation practice to calm the mind. Includes a video tutorial.

● A full toolkit of skills and advice on how to build your own asana practice to best suit your unique makeup, enabling you to practice independently and autonomously in the years to come.

● Online support via email during your 90-day practice to answer your questions and queries

Practical Modules

Daily Routine
AsanaLevel 1
PranayamaLevel 1
Meal PlanLevel 1
MeditationLevel 1
AsanaLevel 2
PranayamaLevel 2
Meal PlanLevel 2
AsanaLevel 3
PranayamaLevel 3
Meal PlanLevel 3

Learning Modules

Ayurvedic Assessment
Current Imbalances
Herbal Medicine
Sattvic Healing
Bandhas: Energetic Locks
Building your own Asana practice


First, we start with the body. We show you how to personalise your asana practice and tailor it in a way that works for you. We include a revealing and insightful analysis of your unique constitution, opening your mind to how you can be sure of thriving in your everyday life, feeling more energetic, embodied and present. Gain an elemental understanding of your nature through the lens of diet.  Learn about holistic nutritional science. Collect recipes to support your practice.

Practical Modules

Daily Routine
AsanaLevel 1
PranayamaLevel 1
Meal PlanLevel 1

Learning Modules

Ayurvedic Assessment
Current Imbalances
Herbal Medicine


Next, we bring attention to the mind. What influences may be unbalancing your mental state? How can breath calm our inner voice and reclaim our power of attention. In this module, you will find out how to control the flow of energy throughout the body for sustained and expansive results.  You will learn how diet can promote tranquillity for you and those around you., and build a practice around food that will help you sustain these benefits.

Practical Modules

AsanaLevel 2
PranayamaLevel 2
Meal PlanLevel 2
MeditationLevel 1

Learning Modules

Sattvic Healing

Divine Healing

The third step is to link the microcosms of ourselves with the macrocosm of our universe, or home. How can meditation and mantra techniques connect us to the life-enhancing dynamism threaded into the universe? How can we do this in a way that rhymes with our own constitutions? Linking our practice to the infinite allows us to cement our practice, and integrate it into your day-to-day life. The aim here is to make new patterns of thought and behaviour instinctual. In our journey towards our “higher self”, we draw on esoteric knowledge systems not taught in mainstream yoga practice. These will help us understand how our bodies and minds connect with universal order, on a planetary and even cosmic scale. We tell you how you can continue to eat in a way that supports your highest sense of health, whether it’s at restaurants, takeaways or when sharing food in a group with different nutritional needs.  As you complete your training, you will prepare to always have something delicious and nourishing on your plate. Recipes for condiments and spice mixes will be prescribed here, along with a tailored personal meal plan.

Practical Modules

Meal Plan

Learning Modules

Building Asana Practice
Energetic Locks

What will you get?

✅ Balance your constitution and bring the best of your qualities forth.

✅ Improve the structure of your physical fitness and flexibility.

✅ Learn the postures and practices best suited to you.

✅ Learn the art of crafting yoga sequences for your specific needs.

✅ Gain practical knowledge of the most effective breathing techniques to regulate your nervous system.

✅ Energise yourself with techniques to marshal a pranic life-force

✅ Adapt your diet to your body and the strength of your digestion.

✅ Manage your body weight wisely.

✅ Get the tastiest recipes that balance your type.

✅ Learn about condiments and herbs to pacify your dosha (even when eating out).

Who are those courses for?

Our courses are aimed at a wide audience – those who are interested in personal development and gaining health and balance in life and are ready to invest time in practice. Like classical yoga itself, the practice is suitable for everyone, but in the case of chronic diseases, we recommend consulting your doctor.

For beginners who have already taken their first steps in yoga.

If you have already practised yoga a little, the course will help lay the foundation for successful self-practice. To some extent, the beginner is in a better position than one who has been practising without realising their characteristics and how yoga and nutrition should adjust accordingly. Those who start well can make rapid progress without negative consequences and retraining.

For experienced practitioners of different systems of self-development.

For those who have tried a few types of yoga and want to find the best path and get serious, this is the best match. Our approach will help you to look at your body in a new and holistic way, rebuild the practice according to yourself and avoid injuries. The course includes techniques that accelerate the processes in your physical body and develop the powers of the sub-doshas. This speeds up individual progress.

Self-employed, managers and directors

This may be well suited to those who value their time and want to get the right tool for the job of uncovering their full potential. The practice will help you be less reactive while giving you the energy to serve yourself and your community.

For practitioners of meditation and breathing practices.

The main instrument of our life is attention. Unidirectional attention is associated with the rhythm of breathing, which directly depends on the contraction of muscles and internal organs. The balance of muscles and the awakening of the capillary network allow you to naturally pacify your breathing and effortlessly direct your attention to consciousness – the essence of meditation. The practices in the course also promote muscle balance for a straight back. This will help make your attention unidirectional and steady.

For teachers of Yoga and Ayurveda who like to expand their expertise

To enhance understanding of the interconnection of the sister sciences of Yoga & Ayurveda. Finding inspiration, getting support and guidance for deeper practice.

For foodies

Who want to find knowledge that is relevant to their specific body and digestion.


We use a daily bite-size micro-learning course system, so it’s easy for you to integrate the knowledge for the best results and understand the course material step by step. You will be part of a community of learning, with access to online and in-person peer-to-peer support so that you can compare notes with others on a path to self-realisation. You will also be able to deepen your practice on our regular retreats.

This course not suited to you??

One option is you could try to choose nutrition, lifestyle and self-developing methods for yourself randomly and hope for the best.

The second is to study and learn about yourself first and pick the nutrition, lifestyle and self-developing techniques according to your nature.

Pick what you think is wiser.

If we don’t take into account who we are and our characteristics first, it is very unlikely we will find the right tools to help us. It’s like an example of a Microwave and Fridge. To use it correctly, we first acknowledge its qualities, then look at the manual and then enjoy the benefits of its proper use.

If I had known this approach to personal yoga practice and diet years ago, it would have saved me lots of trials and errors. My relationships and career would have benefited from it, and it would have eased stress and tension in my everyday life.

Dmitry Glazkov

Remember, not knowing the right diet for your type can lead to the accumulation of toxins which, with years, take their toll on our overall physical and spiritual condition and development.

You have the opportunity here to learn the principles of life science in this course in an accessible form that can help you for many decades of a healthy, conscious & happy life.

Guaranteed refund

If you see it’s not working for you, we will refund your money within the 1st week.

Test drive

We have two short courses which are offered on a Dana principle, meaning you choose the value of it yourself.

This course contains essential knowledge on how to prepare yourself for retreats and long periods of meditation. Learn how to fully experience the serenity of mind gained from retreat practice and not waste your precious time craving for results, resisting the process or being distracted by a painful back.

The course includes a proven yoga set to open up and get your hips and shoulders ready for the task, even if it’s 12 hours of meditation a day. Crafted during Dmitry’s last month-long meditation sit, it’s been practised, perfected and condensed into 1 hour of feel-good Hatha yoga to warm up your joints, and an activating breathwork sequence to energise and sharpen the mind. There are also exclusive video interviews and a set of recommendations from experienced Vipassana meditation teacher and Buddhist monk Anthony Markwell.

To access the course through your web browser click the button below and sign up. The Gurucan app can also be downloaded for free for Android, iPhone, and iPad in the Google Play or Apple app store.
Salute The Day is a short yoga course to help you to unlock your morning practice with the rarely shared Surya Namaskar technique.

Recorded for those who need a quick solution to activate, attune and charge yourself for the empowering day in a short time frame. 

The course consists of 3 steps – the introduction to the sequence, the practice video and the essential tips to unlock the practice.

The course is recorded straight after Sadhama’s personal silent retreat to transmit the generated energy.

To access the course through your web browser click the button below and sign up. The Gurucan app can also be downloaded for free for Android, iPhone, and iPad in the Google Play or Apple app store.


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