Pranayama Breath is like going directly to the source of healing. Opening the tap of vital energy – prana that sustains you.

The practice gives you a direct experience of healing and strengthening your vitality. It works unfailingly and much better than any coffee, waking you up to the day a second time and to your full potential.

I’m sharing with you an understanding of the fascinating alchemy of breath in an easy, structured and progressive way. Only the essence of the scientific, Ayurvedic and Yogic approach is distilled through years of experience into only those practices that are relevant to your type.

Pranayama is probably the most important healing tool of Yoga practice. It is Yoga’s greatest healing gift. After all, what can be better for healing than increasing Prana, the primary force of life, vitality and healing? And Pranayama is the best and most direct means to do this.

Pranayama is a more significant healing tool than Asana practice for several reasons. Besides being more direct, it is simpler and easier to do. While there are dozens of complicated Asanas that few people can learn to perform well, there are only a few major Pranayama methods that anyone can learn with good instruction, time and a little patience and experience.

Dr. David Frawley

In this course, I make it even more accessible for you as we concentrate only on those techniques that are beneficial for your constitution. You don’t have to go blindly through the dark path of trial and error. We developed the Ayurvedic assessment to customise the course to your characteristics.

You get both the short and activating techniques that are fun and invigorating in the first part of the course and stronger and more in-depth techniques suitable and customised to your nature in the second part.

There are 14 step-by-step lessons with video tutorials to bring you an authentic result.

This is the knowledge that could continue to bring its fruits throughout the years of your life.

It’s a wise investment into the understanding of one of the primal functions of your body – the breath and also finding variations that remedy your Dosha that by definition is a deviation or an unhealthy condition, even if it is “innate”, and it is always subject to therapeutic correction.

The constitution you are born with is called – Dosha in Yoga and Ayurveda. Dosha is an innate predisposition to diseases of a certain type requiring a certain therapeutic correction and follow-up (and regular special preventive measures in the future).

Knowing the authentic practices of the breath for your nature is one of the main therapeutic care tools for the correction of your own health condition.

In higher Yoga, the pranayama is primarily used to calm the mind, so we are able to see our true selves beyond it.

Pranayama is a link to altering states of mind and inner yoga. It is used in almost every culture.

This was the subject of my fascination and research since my teenage years.

Let me share some findings with you, something which is very dear to me and something that I have practised extensively.